Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Craigslist Confessions

Ok, sorry, we have to interrupt this regularly scheduled kitchen demolition to bring you this awesome "Craigslist Confessions" story.

If you have been following along with my fun little blog here, you already know that I am an avid Craigslist fan (seriously, most of our furniture, tables, accessories, and even my rehab project have been bought and sold on Craig's List (I feel the man deserves ownership of his list... its only proper)).

But, from time to time, I have some weird run-ins... Like this 1950's stuffed cat with working "mewo" string, or this super awkward conversation I had with a man regarding a futon (check them out, I promise they are worth it) and so... I have another one for you.

Back story: my family's business is mortuary services.... there, I said it... the full transition to random, weird, awkward internet creeper/blogger is complete.  But its true: Spangler Family Mortuaries out of Los Altos, CA (we have three locations!! #mostawkwardbragEVER).  I lived there (IN apartment ABOVE the mortuary... just like the chick from My Girl) with my parents until I was 2.5 and we moved to Scottsdale.  What does this have to do with a Craigslist story? Well, the fact that I found THIS at a garage sale:
Since this is something so weird only a girl who lived in a mortuary can appreciate, I had to buy it.

Chris? Less than thrilled.

Since we have a policy in our house that we don't keep/do anything unless we are both in 100% agreement, I was sadly forced to sell it on Craigslist.

I actually put it up there a couple weeks before Christmas and completely forgot about it since no one wrote me and I was in Arizona for a while... that was until last week when I got an e-mail asking if it was still available. I told him it was and we agreed to meet... ... ... and I forgot to call... I wrote him again, apologizing and agreed to meet again... and I forgot... (worst person ever)... finally the guy wrote me again and said he would pay the full asking price but he really really wanted it and truly wanted to meet.  So I remembered (yay!) and we met at the Walgreens by my house.

A normal transaction ensued: I showed him the sign, he liked it, paid me for it, and we chatted for a bit about how weird the sign really was...

Me: "Yea, it's pretty unique huh?"

Guy: "Yea it is!  I actually used to be a designer, and although Im not anymore, I somethines head-hunt pieces for my other designer friends in LA and New York.  One of my friends is remodeling a house for a client in LA who wants a death/funeral room and asked me to look for stuff for her."

Me:... (slightly awkward look of horror on my face but still trying to smile about whatever weirdo that would want a DEATH ROOM)...

Guy: "I sent her the picture of this sign when I saw your ad and she showed it to her client who loved it.  He really wants it and I'm overnighting it to my friend tomorrow."

Me:... (shaking my head and moving toward my car)... "Awesome! Im so glad its going to work out for every body."

Guy: "Yea, Axl Rose (!!!!!!) loved it and that's why I kept e-mailing you. He kept bugging my friend about when he was going to get it and thats why I kept e-mailing you to meet."

Me:... (replace my look of horror with a look of SHOCK and my jaw dropping about 3 inches to gape open like when Taylor Swift wins a music award (psh, please... like she's ever surprised...))... "Oh, ok. Umm well, umm.... you tell Axl Rose to enjoy my funeral sign?"  (why did I end it as a question? no idea...)

Guy:  "Thanks will do! Have a great night!"

And thats when I got in my car and wracked my brain for someone to call that would actually BELIEVE what just happened...

So, what did I take away from this experience? 

I, in someway, am an interior designer for Axl Rose.

You're welcome internet.


  1. always good stories.

  2. That is hysterical! Oh Axl....when will anyone tell you the goth 80s are over? I hope you got full price :)

  3. This is my FAVORITE Post!! Oh my that is so funny and weird and cool all at the same time. Axl Rose was one of my faves in college (yes remember that i'm the old blogger). Long live the 80's!! A funeral guest room is hysterical.

  4. Totally funny but not about Axil, it is that I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest and I grew up in Los Altos. Iive in Cameron Park Ca outside of Sacramento. Went to Homestead High and grad of 1982. Small world! :)

  5. I like what you found. I would of brought it too. It's cute and a bit unique. You have a eye for cool things.


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