Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where we've been....

Happy New Year to all!!

I am so sorry for my absence!  Las Vegas for work, Christmas in Dallas (with SNOW!!), and New Years in Scottsdale (with a COLD!!... ... ...)

First let's start with Christmas... and the fun stuff... SNOW!!
 Yea... thats me and Gus... he has a thing about wet paws (aka. "icky toes") so we went on a walk like this... and he was totally cool with it... I love my metro puppy.

The next day, I was off to Scottsdale... at 6am.
DFW sunrise
One of my first stops in AZ, was to see my friend Taylor and her 5 month baby, Tatum... who just might be the cutest child in America.
I mean, come on, really... that's Gerber material...

I also love visiting my Grandma every time I home...
 ...although she TOTALLY cheats a Scrabble and has NO regard for the Scrabble "time limit", I still totally creamed her.

I also caught up with some long lost friends...
Ashleigh and Owen (left) are getting married in June (Hooray!) and Aaron Bowens and I were on student government together in high school (P.S- all Saguaro Alum, you have US to thank for changing our Sabercat mascot.... you're welcome).  Bowens is also engaged! Its weird thinking we're so "adult"...

I also got some good time in with my best friends Christina, but oddly didnt get any pictures with her... so instead here is her modeling shot... enjoy internet...
Two days later, Chris finally made it to Scottsdale (he had a meeting two days after Christmas (who does that?!) so he had to join us later)... but was still pretty worn out from the holidays and his meeting... so my parents pup Toby made sure he was properly monitored while napping
When Chris wasn't napping... we hit the town HARD.... and by hitting the town, I mean browsing the local farmer's market. Where I fell in love with this AWESOME sign...
I could NOT agree more...
We also went to one of my FAVORITE AZ-home holiday traditions... Phoenix Zoo Lights!!

They decorate the ENTIRE park in Christmas lights and even have hot chocolate and a Trans-Siberian Orchestra light show... To say I'm obsessed is a bit of an understatement.
Does anyone else think of Avatar when they see this tree???

Granted, for 99% of this I was sick... all thanks to my baby brother Steven. Who, after getting me sick, miraculously felt fine and even had his girlfriend, Anna, in town.
In this picture, they were about to go hunting with my dad... this isnt how they normally dress, I promise.
 After 8 wonderful days of being back in Arizona, Chris and I headed back to our Little House in the Big D... ... ... in FIRST CLASS... wha-wha!
this never happens... like ever... and P.S- the food/drinks up there are AMAZING!
Since then, I've been getting over my cold (why do those things last FOREVER?!) but we are actually SUPER excited since some big changes are coming... ... ... WE'RE STARTING OUR KITCHEN REMODEL!!!

Demo is this Saturday and I will be back tomorrow to let you all know of a MAJOR purchase we already made... AHHH I cant wait!

What'd you guys do over the holidays?? Anyone ever been to Zoolights? I still cant get over how amazing it was!!

P.S- Most of these pictures are from Instagram if you care to follow: LittleHouseintheBigD


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