Friday, March 22, 2013

Kitchen "After" pictures... ... finally!!

Ok how long has it been since we started re-doing our kitchen? Early February? no... January?... no.... forever ago?... yes, I believe we started forever ago... a good timeline is key.

Even though it took us a bit longer than expected, I am oh-so-FREAKIN-happy to present you guys with the finished product....

Just to review, let's remember where we started...

And without further adu, our BRAND NEW KITCHEN!!! (feel free to scream like the Beatles are being introduced on the Ed Sullivan Show)


 Work it... Be sexy... pose for the camera....
 Fabulous... nailed it...

Oh and remember this boring wall??
Yea, what now?!
 Awesome fridge? check... large wine rack to make me not feel back about all the wine I drink? check... Oh and to the left? are you ready for this??..

 Yes, the sliding pantry I pinned on Pinterest came to life... and I couldn't love it more... seriously... come over to the house and the words "Have you seen our awesome pantry?" will probably escape my lips before the word "Hello"...

Opposite the fridge is the range, stove, microwave, and another fun hidden compartment to the left of the oven...
 Oh, what's this??
 BAMM... pull out trash can and recycle....
Isn't my trash pretty? You're welcome, internet...

Another feature that I am SOOO glad we put in the kitchen is installing the microwave in "cabinet space".
Both Chris and I are over 6'0ft tall (I know, we're freaks) but we really don't mind the microwave being below the counter at all!  We use the extra counter space 216x more than the microwave so it was a great decision that is really working for us.

 Do you want a view walking in from the dining room? Ok...
 And another...
 That view actually wouldn't have been possible before the remodel.  The side of the fridge was the first thing you saw on the left and it made the room feel even smaller and cramped... Now? Airy, open, and light!
We also need to take a minute and stare at the floors....
 No, seriously, STARE. AT. THEM.

Why am I asking you to stare at the floor (which I KNOW is dirty and needs to be swept, sorry)? Because we had to redo them... not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.  I've never seen Chris cry until that moment when we had to bring up all the floors again and relay tile for the third time. (side note: Chris would like me to amend this by saying that he was NOT crying, but just had something in his eye... like dirt, or thinset, or something manly).

Needless to say, we love the floor... and we love how it flows with the transition into the laundry room.
Oh, and remember our sink/faucet selection?  It's perfect...
 The sink is 9" deep, not to mention the added depth with the granite, so it holds a TON!! We also love that we did an under-mount sink. Its so nice to sweep any crumbs, food reminisce, or drink spills directly into the sink without having to worry about a clearing a sink "lip".

 "Samm, what about the backsplash?"
Thanks random reader, I'm so glad you asked...
 It's better than I could have dreamed.  The travertine hexagons matches the floor without being too matchy-matchy and I love the depth you get from the different color stones.

Another small detail that actually makes a HUGE difference are the false fronts we put on the exposed cabinet sides. Here's the ones you see when walking in from the dining room...
And the ones you see when standing at the sink...
Its one of those really subtle things that you wouldn't really notice unless I say something (which, overcourse, I always do) but I think it really finishes off the cabinets.  Having just a flat side not only feels a boring, but a little cheap.  I think the false fronts really class it up and makes the cabinets look like as much as we paid for 'em.

Other little difference that just CHANGES the kitchen? Having windowed upper cabinets that are lit.
 It really draws your eye up in the room and makes it feel even bigger than before.  Props to Chris for installing the mini can lights that are wired to our two main lights in the kitchen.   Negative points to me for not having a full shot of the ceiling to show you what it looks like with NO EFFING CEILING FAN... take my word for it.  Its amazing.  Our tall friends, as well as Chris and I, really appreciate not feeling like we are about to be decapitated every time the fan was on. I'll get an up to date picture soon, I promise. Sorry, kids.

I'm also really glad we decided to continue the beadboard in from the laundry room to the kitchen.
 THAT took a couple days... I mean really... look at those corners.  New threshold and all. (There's a small step down for all those who can't tell from the picture)

Here's the beadboard over on the other side.
 Its just another small touch that I think really works for the kitchen and I'm super glad we did it.

And I would be amiss if I didn't point out our new range hood.
 $650 at Home Depot? No... $150 on ebay #winning

So what do you guys think?
Chris and I have already talked about dragging our mattress in here and "camping out" for a night.  We seriously love it that much.  It's amazing how it went from one of the most cramped rooms in the house to being the most open.  We can now have more than 2 people in here without restricted and stiff.

Do you guys like it? What's your favorite part?  Do you think it's a good idea to start charging admission for people to come over and stare at the pull-out pantry... I'm always down for making an extra buck.


P.S - In all seriousness.... Chris, dude, you rocked my socks off during this entire process.  I am so unbelievably proud of you! The blood, sweat, and tears you put into making our kitchen makes me love it (and you) even more.  I'm so happy I married such a wonderful handy man who let me ask questions over his shoulder for 6 weeks straight and not want to strangle me by the end of it.  If I don't tell you enough, you are amazing, talented, dedicated, hard-working, look really sexy working with your hands, and overall the manliest man I know. I love you to the kitchen and back!!


  1. It is beautiful. You guys did a great job!

  2. WOW! I seriously need to fly Chris out to redo our Kitchen. Looks amazing. Really great job! - Cousin Chris

  3. Ah-MAZING! It looks so wonderful and I am completely jealous! Did you manage to find all of the drawer pulls you needed after they were discontinued? Or did you have to switch them up?

    1. Thanks Dara!! They are actually new ones we found online!! I should have a follow up post shortly but I thought y'all deserved to finally see the finished project. HA!

  4. I would pay $2 to come and be able to pull out the magic pantry :) Love it, you guys did a great job. The faux cabinet fronts and the lit sections are my favourite though. Rock on with your bad selves (and by selves I'm mostly looking at the hubs in this ine lol)

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