Monday, May 20, 2013

I found my next project.. any ideas what to do with it?

Everyone needs a little break from office work in the middle of the day... most normal people go out to lunch, hangout by the water cooler, go and talk to other co-workers, etc. 

I, working from home, have none of these options (unless you count walking to the kitchen and talking to the dogs).   So, when I need a little break, I like to visit my friend Craig and his "list"... just to browse...
Over the past couple weeks, I have definitely SOLD a lot more than I've purchased (flipping some estate/garage sale finds... details to come) but every now and then I like to see what people are selling JUST to see if there's a deal too good to pass up.

My friend Jenn and I send each other links throughout the day (obviously when we are really busy) and this morning she sent me this...
Ummmm yea... this is fantastic.  I love the untreated butcher cutting block and think the little wooden/medal trimmed wheels are amazing.

For $25 (I had Chris pick it up for $20... love that man) I am eager to get it back home and let go to town.

There are so many great possibilities with the piece, Im having a hard time deciding what to do with it?

1. Sand it down, stain it?  Use it as a drink cart for outside refreshments?
2. Paint it with some Anne Sloan chalk paint and shabby-chic it up a little? Maybe put some wine glass holders under the cutting block for extra storage?
3. Clean it up a little, give it a good ol coat of outdoor polyurethane protection, and cut a whole in the top to make a little planter out of it?

What do you guys think? I would LOVE some input!! Thanks!



  1. Drink cart all the way! I love the idea of putting the wine glass holders underneath. And the top of it is perfect for lime cutting when you (well not you since you're pregs but SOMEONE) cracks open another Corona and needs some more citrus. Maybe have a bucket of ice on the little shelf on the bottom... so many possibilities for this little party cart! Ok, now I kind of want to scour CL and find one for myself. Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

  2. Totally cute for a drink cart. I like staining the top and then painting the bottom and then staining the wheels to match the top. I'm sure whatever you decide this will look fabulous!

  3. I love this cart! WHAT A STEAL!

  4. Yeah, glam it up with silver mirror paint! It's a great find!!

  5. Could you make a little island with it for your kitchen? We have a small one in our kitchen which really added to the space. We love ours!

  6. I vote for drink cart too! They're all the rage right now...

  7. Stain the top dark, paint the bottom light, but high gloss/not distressed, for glam factor! And yes, drink cart. :D Look at some of the awesome things this gentleman (local to DFW!) has done:

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