Friday, June 28, 2013


Back a few weeks ago, I bragged over our Pottery Barn rocking chair we scored on Craigslist for $40.
Yes, an $800+ Pottery Barn chair for $40 racks right up there on the miracles list along with Jesus walking on water, so even though it was a bit big for our space and a little lop-sided on the rug, I loved it AND the super deal I got for it.

Fast forward a couple weeks to Chris and I sitting in the nursery, going over baby clothes and how many cloth diapers is really going to be enough (apparently the answer is "all the diapers ever made").  We are taking turns on the rocker, moving it farther and farther away from the wall so it doesnt hit the corners, when we notice we are nearly in the middle of the room.  This is a small room y'all, so having a big piece of furniture like the rocker sticking out a couple feet really makes a big difference when you walk in.  Without saying much to Chris, I make a mental note in the back of my mind that this AWESOME rocker that I love and cashed in all my "karma-credit points" for, may not be the right fit for our house.

As if the Decor Gods were listening to me, I was tempted to stop by a local thrift shop on my way back from a pregnancy check up.  There, right when I walked in, was this beauty.
 Solid wood gliding frame, in excellent condition, and the perfect "look" we had been going for in the nursery (kinda a shabby-chic, vintage vibe) The carved, wooden, scrolly arms put me right over the top... I FREAKIN LOVE IT!  I know you can't tell, but the glide on it was so smooth, it felt almost brand new.

I sent a picture to Chris (since we both have to agree 100% before bringing a piece into the house) and he said it could be my call even though "we already have a rocker".

It was $75 and since Monday's are 10% off furniture days, I skipped out of there like a kid on a sugar high for less than $70 and beamed from ear to ear the entire way home.

Chris will even admit he was a bit skeptical taking it out of my car and replacing our Pottery Barn treasure with something found at a thrift store, but once he got it into place and had a glide, he was hooked.
Looking at this picture now, I hate this pillow... changes a comin'...
 Seeing how its a solid base and the chair just glides back and forth, we don't have to worry about being on/off the rug and the foot print is a LOT smaller.

Its so pretty... and SOOOO stinkin' comfortable!!!  Perfect for rocking our little guy to sleep once he gets here!
As for our Pottery Barn find, I released him back into the wild of Craigslist for another lucky family to find him.
$300 and only two hours later, he was gone.  I took the money as a flip since we had already put in the man hours to give it a good fabric cleaning and put the rest of the $$ towards more items needed for the nursery.  Technically, this means our new glider was a $190 upgrade ($40 taken out for when we bought the original chair and $70 for the glider). Not too shabby!!

Anyone else out there flipping stuff on craigslist or have any awesome luck at thrift stores?!



  1. Love the new glider! As for the cloth diapers, you really only need about 25.


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