Monday, July 29, 2013

FREE Baby Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover

(I know a lot of people are curious about how the TV ceiling mount installation went over the weekend and I am happy to report everything went BEAUTIFULLY.  I'm busy with work and unloading my camera today but I will  have about a million+1 pictures to share with you tomorrow... Sorting through all of them now, but I promise they are worth the wait!)

We all know that Chris and I are poor love a good bargain, so when I find something I think is pretty awesome, generally I want to share (only times this does NOT imply are when pimping Chris out for manual labor (yes, we've been asked) and anything involving Rocky Road ice cream... ... ...and yes, I bite)

Upon talking to a mommy friend of mine, she told me there are a lot of great deals FOR FREE out there that I should definitely be taking advantage of before our little man gets here.  Since "free" is one of my all-time favorite words, I started browsing around to see what I could find.

1.  Free Carseat Canopy -
Coupon code: MYSAVINGS

These suckers look AWESOME and my friend had one that I was totally lusting after.  They clip on to your car seat and cover the baby in a soft, dark canopy great for sleepy time and car rides.
Since I love a good geometric pattern, Chris and I got this one called the "Knott".
 After plugging in my coupon code "MYSAVINGS", my $49.99 canopy went down to $0.00  (yay!)

It was after I did this though that I noticed they had a bundle pack which not only included the canopy, but a full car seat cover, head support, lap blanket, and umbrella cover.
Normally, I would pass right by this since I know thats how they getcha to pay more, but after checking out that my coupon code brought this whole set down to $29.99, I started to consider it.

After giving Chris a call to discuss, we were reminded of a recent blow-out incident involving one of my friend and her 9 week old baby.  Her horror story can be summed up in two words, "Poop. Everywhere." and said she had to take everything off the car seat and throw it in the washer.  Seeing how a car seat cover may potentially save us from having to deconstruct our entire car seat, we figured the $29.99 plus extras was worth the investment.

Total cost:
$79.99 - 5pc set
-50.00 (coupon code: MYSAVINGS)
+$12.95 (shipping & handling)
$42.94 - Total

Again, if you DON'T want the whole set and just want the free carseat canopy, you would just have to pay the S&H:
$49.99 - carseat canopy
-$50.00 (coupon code: MYSAVINGS)
+12.95 (shipping and handling)
$12.95 - total

They site also has the option of embroidery but since we hope to use this sucker on multiple kids down the line, we decided to pass. (Cute lettering though!)

2. Free Breast Feeding Cover
Coupon code: MSCANOPY

Since I am planning to breast feed my little guy AND someday hope to leave the house before he's weened, a feeding cover is kinda necessary if I ever want to venture out into public again.

I've done some research on the different types of covers (shocker, I know) and through online reviews and interrogating other moms, the general consensus is that its best to have a cover with a rigid neckline which gives the baby some breathabity and you the viewing option to make sure everything is going alright under there.

Not only do Udder Covers have that neckline (and an awesome name) but they also come in some really pretty patterns so it doesnt look like you threw an old blanket over yourself.
 I was tempted to go for the yellow, but decided on this "Mason" pattern instead since I'm hoping it might hide dirt and what-not a little easier.
I think these two companies (carseat canopy and udder covers) might be related since their check out process was very similar.

Here's the breakdown:
$34.95 - one udder cover
-$34.95 - coupon code: MSCANOPY
+12.95 - shipping and handling
$12.95 - Total

I know its a bummer that shipping and handling is still kinda pricey, but if you calculate going to the store, finding a pattern you like, checking out WITH tax, you are still probably saving money (and time) in the long run.

I'm still looking around for some other great deals, but thought I would share these for all those expectant or new moms out there OR for any friends and family that's looking for a good baby shower gift.

Here are the "pins" too in case you want to save this info for later:

Do you guys know of any other good deals?  I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I have a little one on the way too and I just bought the set in the same fabric you mentioned. I absolutely love anything black and white and gray on the inside will be nice for a little boy. Thanks again! I'm not a huge coupon person (I'd rather just watch for sales instead of always searching for coupons) so this helps!

  2. Samm, seven slings has a similar program where you just pay s&h for a baby sling, lots of cute patterns as well. You have to measure yourself to get the appropriate length sling for your height, but it's a more economical choice than just getting one at buybuybaby or where ever. we also had a babybjorn, but to be honest really never used either since Ollie wasn't a fan. Still, a great deal and if your baby likes being snuggled close, a lifesaver! The code to make it free is ENBABY. I will caution they do run small, so err on the generous side with your measurements.

  3. I made it in your blog post! I feel famous! Rather, Duke's excrement is famous.

  4. Well .. conopy is a vital part of baby car seat . I have learn something special from here .

    thank you.

  5. My car is always a disaster! This would be amazing. I can't clean my car during the summer because it's too hot outside in Florida! This would be a lifesaver! my blog

  6. That is exactly what I did. I managed to just use an upholstery needle to attach it back to the carseat. I thought it was going to be to hard but the needle held up great! read me


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