Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 30... only 10 weeks to go!!

Seriously?... 10 weeks (if that) and HE is here?

WHAT THE....????

Yea, hitting the 30 week mark has caused me to flip out just a bit.  The other day I woke up at 5:30am nearly in tears (yes, real life tears...) because I "didn't have any chicken" the day before... ... ...why did I think this protein was so important at the pre-dawn hours, no idea. But I'm doing my best to eat as healthy as possible since I know the last couple weeks are super important.

Other than that (and having dreams that I'm giving birth to Gus, our little white, fluffy dog), things seem to be progressing smoothly and little man has really started to become super active.  He also has come up with a fun little game to play when I am talking to someone and in the middle of a sentence he will kick me in the ribs (ie. "oh yes, I love the new season of HGTV Design Star and my favorite designer is totally HOLY HELL... AHHHHH... *&(^%! .... WHAT THE (beep) WAS THAT?!"). ... It's proving to making conversations a lot more interesting when you start accidentally cursing on the phone to your grandma for no apparent reason.

Let's see... anything else exciting?...  Oh, Chris and I are TOTALLY loving our Bradley Method birthing classes we're taking.  We are 5 weeks in (out of 8) and it is COMPLETELY reassuring me/us that we can do this whole natural child birth thing.  I plan to do a 2 posts on it, one after the class part is done and the other after I actually give birth so I can provide some honest feedback.  So far though, its been great, informative, and helpful to learn and accept that my body has been preparing me for 9 months to do what it needs to and get my little guy into the world safe and sound. (Good thoughts and prayers are also much appreciated!).

So without further adieu, here we go with week 30's picture!! (I channeled my inner flower-child for this one :-)
Any other preggos out there getting close to there due date??



  1. Bless you, I hope that the last 10 weeks go by at just the right speed for you to be prepared, but not fed up.

    I am a big advocate of natural birth (I had number 3 in my sitting room at home with only my husband to catch her as the midwife didn't make it in time), but I also want to say that it is OK if you do decide that you want/need pain relief. Your ability to be a good parent has no relation to your ability to push out a baby with no pain relief, or indeed to push out a baby at all. I had an epidural with number 1, number 2 and 3 I had no pain relief at all (number 2 because there was no time and number 3 because there was no one there, but also because I really didn't feel I needed it) and number 4 I had gas and air (do they do that in the states?).

    So by all means plan for your lovely natural birth, but also don't beat yourself up if you do require help/pain relief.

    Oh, and you look super gorgeous and blooming :)



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