Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 32... 8 months down, 8 weeks to go

8 months?!

Ok, this whole "pregnancy" thing is REALLY flying by!  Chris and I were just talking about how it seems like yesterday when I told him I was pregnant (in case I forgot to mention, I actually waited 2.5 weeks to tell him after I knew since we were in the middle of the kitchen remodel... didnt want to give the poor guy one more thing to think about especially since we did the remodel ourselves).

Other than sleep getting a bit more uncomfortable ("More pillows? Sure, why not?! Chris doesnt need the space...  Our queen bed can definitely fit a pregnancy pillow, neck pillow, back pillow, our 17lb dog sleeping under the covers, and a 6'1 Italian! Where's our boxer? Get him up here!") everything is carrying on right as it should.  I'm definitely starting to show a lot more, which is fun.  Now when I walk around and rub my belly subconsciously, it "looks" like Im pregnant and not look like Im trying to sooth Taco Bell heart burn or anything.

According to my baby/pregnancy app, our little dude is about 17in long and weights 3.75 lbs and should start gaining a half a pound a week.  UGH! Its getting so close!  And I feel like I have nothing done (Crib? check... mattress/anything to actually put him in? nope... but we do have about 75 hoodie bath towels for him, so maybe we can make something out of those?...)

So for your viewing pleasure, here is week 32... and please never expect my hair to look like this again.  I think I sent a picture to every relative on my phone asking them to remember me like this and not the unshowered baby mess I am sure to become... life's all about staying positive...
 Now that we are in prime "ok-freakout-you're-having-a-baby" season, any suggestions/advise of what we should be focusing on this late in the game?

I would love to hear from y'all!




  1. You are one gorgeous pregnant lady! Enjoy these last few weeks of sleep!

  2. You make such a pretty pregnant lady!! And it's not so bad after the baby is born...yeah for a while it seems like every minute is spent in devotion to them but then you work out this magical routine that seems to work!

  3. Wow you are tiny! I would suggest researching some formula even if you're planning to exclusively breastfeed. I ran out of milk at 9 weeks and literally stood on the formula aisle for 2 hours reading all of the different types. It was a bit stressful to say the least.

  4. Have all your friends make one casserole or freeze and eat meal for your first week back with baby. Get a maid or friends to do a deep house clean before your due date so no cleaning needed when everyone drops by to see baby :) Set up a change table in the livingroom (or even on the rug), you'll be doing more of that in your living spaces than you think. RELAX as much as you can prior, you're dead-on....your hair will not look like that again until 2023...LoL

  5. Hi from a fellow Dallas-ite! I have three kids (ages 7, 6, 4): each delivery was different and each delivery went perfectly. I have no pregnancy/delivery/newborn horror stories. Some people seem to delight in telling preggos about what they had to endure. That's bullcrap. All my kids slept well; they ate well. I'm not saying that to boast; I say that to reassure moms-to-be that it can happen. Like the commenter before me: friends bringing food is a wonderful help. Are you familiar with If you have a friend who's asking what she can do to help -- have her set one of those bad boys up for you. You may want to look for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. It has helped me tremendously. It's a Christian-based group that meets at churches and can be a great community for moms. Oh... and sleep training at 6 weeks (putting child down for naps alone in his crib to fall asleep on his own) really helped me with baby #3.

    All the best! Thanks for sharing on your blog.

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