Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Diaper Rash Cream

 As I have told you all before, we cloth diaper in this household (AND WE LOVE IT!!!)

I love the fact that I never have to worry about running to grab diapers in the middle of the night and also love all the dinero we are saving.  Its also softer with no harsh chemicals on our little monkey's bottom (I still don't understand why you need to put chlorine in a diaper... great article on what is actually in diapers found HERE)

With that being said, we still aren't immune from the occasional small diaper rash or dry skin spot.  We used Thirsties Diaper Cream, and were happy with it, but for $14+ for a 2oz container, it seemed a little steep.
Found on Amazon HERE
That's when I decided to do a little research and came up with an easy, natural, and CHEAP combo that works wonders.

All you will need are a couple of supplies: Coconut Oil, lavender, and a small container.
MASSIVE tub of coconut oil brought to you buy Costco
 You can use any old container.  I originally made this ointment in my old Thirsties jar, but you can also find little 2-3oz ones at Michaels.
 Instructions are simple.  Fill your container with coconut oil.
Look at me being all left-handed
 Melt down in the microwave (20 seconds oughta do it).
 And add in 10-15 drops of sweet, soothing lavender.
 I don't know if many of you know this, (I certainly didn't until I did my research), but lavender is MUCH more than just a calming smell.  The medical effects of lavender oil go back to medieval times and can be used to sooth just about anything!  Uses include: burns, bruises, earaches, bug bites, eszema, cold sores, laryngitis, tuberulosis, asthma, acne, hair loss, stretch marks, allergies, even whooping cough!!  When in doubt, lavender is a GREAT go-to!!

After adding the lavender and mixing it all together, you can either leave it out and it will harden (if your house is below 76-degrees (aka. Coconut oil's melting point)) or put it in the fridge real quick to harden a little faster.
 And boom, that's it!  Throw it next to your changing table and you are good to go!
I'll admit, when you apply it to little bottoms, it feels like you are greasing a turkey because it melts in your hands and on contact with warm baby booties, but the coconut oil is great for little sensitive skin and clears up rashes/dry spots in no time at all!!!  So much better than any harsh chemicals and at a FRACTION of the cost!!

Sometimes, I even throw some lavender in B's baths at night to help calm him down before bed time.
Lavender is safe to digest too, just in case you were worried
 Also great for post bath-time too...
Any way, sorry to sneak in pictures of my super-adorable kid... I hope you try out the coconut oil and lavender combo!  If you've tried it, or another all natural remedy, I would love your feedback!




  1. Nice :)

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