Monday, July 25, 2016

Bathroom update!

Now I don't know if you remember, but we kinda went back on forth on making this a walk-in shower or keeping it a tub.  We decided to stick with tub (especially since there are "bath people" out there AND heaven forbid you have to wash a small child).  But we couldn't decide what to do on the wall and surround.

I have been riding the subway tile craze lately and figured for a 1-bed/1-bath this maybe the place to give it a try.

I went to Floor and Decor to price out my options.

First was this awesome beveled subway tile.
And at $0.29 a piece... thats not bad.  They are 3x6 pieces so you need 8pcs to make a square foot.  8pc x $0.29 is $2.32 a sq ft!  Good price!

Next was just a classic white subway
I actually liked how they laid these vertically but felt a bit plain.  However, they were priced at $0.19 a piece (aka. $1.52 a sq ft... $0.80 cheaper than the beveled... ... ... I told you we really count our pennies)

I thought I could jazz them up a bit and tried out a herringbone pattern that might be fun.
It was when I was playing with tiles on the floor that the manager came over and kindly asked if I needed any help.  Although I told her I thought I was good, she informed me she had a couple of open boxes of the plain subway they were looking to get rid of and would sell them to me at $0.10 a piece (only $0.80 a square foot!  Now a whole $1.52 cheaper than the other ones).

Then, a hiccup in my plan... Although, after getting the go-ahead from Chris on the subway tile, I was was given the no-go on the herringbone pattern.  Since we are hiring some help for some of the more technically stuff (i.e. tile work), they told us it would be an additional $300 to lay them in that pattern due to more cuts and work. Pretty much, its like adding $7.50 a sq ft... waaa-waaa... sorry.

Again, when every penny counts, you sometimes don't always get what you want.  However, I did compromise and settle for at least laying the tile vertically with a dark grey grout.  At least to give it "something".

After the tile was dropped off at the condo, and a day before the tile guy was set to show up, I saw the subway next to the tile floors for the bathroom... and it just rubbed me the wrong way.
I ADORE these floors and loved how they looked in condo #1, but with doing a stark white subway and putting in a floor with light grey and absolutely no white, it just didn't sit right with me.

So after batting my eyelashes to my dear husband and saying that it would quite possibly RUIN the ENTIRE project if we put those floors in, I was allowed to race back to Floor and Decor to find a more suitable option.

After pricing myself out of a couple options (no, I'm paying $15 a sq ft no matter how pretty it is... this is still a flip), I found this little beauty.
VERY similar to the other one I like, still has good texture lines and under $2.99 a sq ft, it was great.  Plus it looked great with the white subway.
See what I mean by there needing to be a little ACTUAL white in the floor as well?

It even looked good next to the vertical subway tile display.

AND, also very important, it would look good when it transitioned into the floor for the rest of the house.
sorry, blurry pic... blame the child hand you see and the other kid I'm probably holding)

When T-day finally came ("Tile day"), I was psyched.  And the results looked amazing.
This is after they JUST put it up so its still a bit messy... and sorry about the lighting.  Since we still have to paint and everything at this point, lighting isn't up yet and we are just working by work lamps.

Here's a bit better
And no, the tub isn't an off-white. It DOES match, just not according to my camera.

And one more for the flooring.
EEEE!!!! So fun! I love the dark grey grout and really think it makes it pop!

Again, sorry I know its hard to tell from these pictures, but hopefully I'll be able to take better ones tomorrow since everything has finally been painted (AHHH!)

We also went ahead and picked out a vanity.
Its actually from Drew and Jonathan Scott's new line (you know, "the property brothers"... basically the living example of what I want my children to grow up and become) and it was on super sale since they just launched... only $399!  Not too bad!

I seriously cannot wait to swing by the condo later today and see how everything is turning out!... Cabinets were delivered Saturday and will probably spend a good amount of time assembling them today and tomorrow so we can have the countertop people come out and measure and start fabricating.

Seriously you guys! Still so much to do but I feel it coming together!

I'll update you all on Wednesday with paint pictures... prepare to have your minds blown :-)


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