Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hodgepodge mess of pictures

So... keeping things real... here's where we're at right now.
Ya, boxes and just stuff everywhere... if you can see through it all, you will noticed its painted! #hooraysmallvictories

The one clean room in the condo so far?  The future laundry room.
Oh! ah! So fresh and so clean!

But if you turn around, you see this:
What we CAN take away from all this is yes, paint, AND doors!  Did you see those suckers? All nicely painted crisp white and acting fancy.

If we leave the master and head out to the living area, you can see the paint color a little better.
I know it looks a little dark right now, and honestly, that's my fault.  It will lighten up a LOT when everything is off the floor and a white mantle is put around the fireplace.  

I went with the color Functional Grey for the walls and Elephant Ear for an accent color on the brick wall and fireplace.  Both Sherwin Williams colors.

Of course, AFTER I picked the colors, I decided to purchase a color wheel (ummm AMAZING! Where has this thing been all my life?!) but it told me I could have stayed in the same color family and done a shad or two lighter and kept the brick wall the same Elephant Ear color to differentiate more as a "accent" wall.  Right now, these colors are only one shade different from each other and wish I would have done something more drastic.

Oh well, you learn, right?!

And its not like it looks bad!
Chris even pulled back some of the floor so you can see how the color would look against the new flooring.
And this is probably the best way to see the difference in wall color, plus see it with the floors.
Luckily enough, while I was there, our new range arrived!

Lowe's was having a super awesome 4th of July sale a few weeks back (one of the best times of the year to buy appliances in case you were wondering) and this brand new beauty only set us back $400, which isn't terrible.
Trust me, it will look a lot better when its installed and OUT of the box.

Lets see here, more around the condo.... here's a good looking closet:
And a shot of the front door...
If you're looking at the crown and see those wood corner pieces, yes we still have to paint those.

The kitchen is looking awesome...
We are installing the base cabinets first so the countertop guy can come in and measure and start working on fabrication (which typically takes a week).
Hooray cabinets!
And here's a parting awkward shot that I'll probably get yelled at for later... 
So other than seeing the paint through the boxes, tools, and half assembled base cabinets, not a ton to show just yet.

The good news is that on Friday I will share with you our choice for countertop!  Chris and I have different ideas but we're going together to make a plan.  Cant wait to show you all our options!

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  1. It's looking fab! We're just days away from moving into our first house (out of rented)! I really wanted a grey accent wall in our bedroom. This has given me the push that I needed!


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