Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We have walls!!

Dude, guys, yesterday, things got real...

As in real walls and ceilings!
Chris went by around 8am to let the workers in and man, are these guys fast!
They definitely know what they're doing and can do quick, quality work much faster than Chris and his dad could have done (not that I don't love you honey...)
After running to the office for a couple hours (yes, Chris still has a FULL TIME job that he does in addition to all the work on the condo) he was shocked when he stopped by after lunch that they're were nearly done!

I'll give you a quick walk through with the pictures Chris took... Here's from the living room looking toward the dining.
(front door is on your right and kitchen is to the back left)
Here's looking into the kitchen.
 I don't know if I ever mentioned before but that back door leads out to the assigned parking spot.

In the kitchen, turned around looking back at the dining room/front door area.
Kitchen entry way looking toward the fireplace.
Wow, that looks 1,000x better now that we reenforced that brick and covered it back up with drywall.
What a difference!

Front door looking into the corner of the living room.
Living room looking toward the hallway with the master, bathroom, and hall closet.
That view is CRAZY since its the first time you can't see all the way from one corner of the condo to the other.  Walls. 

Quickie shot of the bathroom.
Sorry about the lighting... working on it.

And the master!
The nice big closet...
And the doorway to the laundry!
I know that entry looks kinda small, but its plenty big and we plan on doing a barn door along that wall to really make it a feature.  Get excited... its going to be cute.

Well now we are cooking with gas!  Walls, man, you get me every time.  They still have to go through, tape and bed everything and then texture, but it's looking awesome!

I still have to double check with Chris on what exactly comes next... floors? but then we have to cover up everything to paint.  I know that's why we are waiting on putting the kitchen in, so we don't have any paint splatter on our brand new cabinets... hmm... maybe after tape and bed we paint the walls? But wouldn't we wait to paint until crown and baseboards have gone in too?

Ugh, not sure... but hey! Walls!!!

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  1. Just a thought on the barn may want to do a regular one so the washer/dryer noise is more muffled. A barn door won't do much to block the noise (but they are cute!).


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