Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Picking out our countertops

Ok so picking out a counter probably my favorite part of the entire reno, mostly because its one of the biggest statements you can make in a flip.
1. You can either go super cheap and get the basic granite (we've all seen that pamento-loaf looking granite... gross)
2. You can really put some effort into in and go above and beyond to make sure you set yourself up as a QUALITY flipper (which Im hoping we are!)

Our go-to place here in Dallas is Best Granite in Richardson.  Its a small little business in a random warehouse, but I always find that the more secluded the site, the better the pricing!

The inside is really cool and full of tons of granite, marble, and quartz slabs.... of course I don't have a picture of this, but lucky for you, we DID film here a day for the show and will use a screen shot they sent us.
Fun huh?! #liveshot    (P.S- still don't know when our episode airs... sometime this Fall... as soon as I know, you'll know)

Anyway, back to picking out counters without cameras following us, I brought our cream/off-white cabinets with me to help see how the counters would contrast.  Looking back, I wish I would have brought a sample of the floors and backsplash too, just to make sure it all looked cohesive.

First up, was a dark grey quartz.
Not bad, but worries how it would look with the grey walls.

Next was a light grey quartz... (the one in the middle)...
Not bad, but I didn't think there was enough contrast, and again I worried about the grey matching the walls.

Here's a better look at the grey with a flash... sorry its kind of a dark warehouse.
Next was this swirled granite...
Honestly, not too terribly bad and I liked the movement in it...
But I worried about how much yellow was in it and how it would look against an all white kitchen.

Since I was just by myself, I didn't want to pull the trigger on anything until Chris agreed.

A couple days later we went back and showed Chris all the options, including just a white quartz like we did in condo #1...
Pretty, huh?!

However, knowing that we are pretty set on doing a white subway tile backsplash and have already bought our white cabinets, having white counters just seemed like overkill.

We couldn't really find anything that we "loved" and were jonesing around looking at the marble, when the man who owns Best Granite said he actually had a crazy good deal on 2cm Marble.
And this time, we did bring the flooring, cabinets, and backsplash.

For only $50 more for the slab than we paid for our quartz (a different in a little over $2 a sq ft once all is said and done), we were hooked.  Plus, how fancy does it sound to have a flip with MARBLE countertops?!
So, we pulled the trigger on the marble and I'm PRAYING the grey in the carrera goes with the grey we painted on the walls (of course the only color I didn't bring with us to match the counters)...

They go in next week and I can't wait to see everything put together!  Chris and his brother David are working hard putting the kitchen and laundry together and can't wait to share what it all looks like!

Until then!

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