About Us

We are Chris and Samm Yanniello from Dallas, TX
We bought our 1940's home in June of 2011 and have been fixing it up ever since!
I'm Samm.... the one who writes all the blogs...
I'm originally from Scottsdale, AZ but graduated from the University of Oklahoma, where I met Chris.
We got married Oct 29th, 2011... it was pretty awesome.

We also have two pups... Gus.
 And Rocky...
They're kinda best friends.

 Since we are a poor newlywed couple, we are trying to save as much money as we can while fixing up the house... that usually means doing a lot of stuff ourselves.

Chris is my muscle for a lot of the bigger projects...
Using a wet saw
Using a chainsaw
Using a gun... calking gun.
And me? Im more of a staple gun girl....
And I like to repaint forgotten pieces to bring them back to life....
Anyway, this blog is just about keeping everyone up to date with all our ups, downs, and progress in between.